How Can You Improve Your Property's Exterior?

Make sure your property looks attractive and showcases your dedication to maintenance. The true first impression happens when your prospective tenants park their car, get out, and walk towards your property. If your property looks sketchy or untidy, some people may leave without even entering.

Here are the basic requirements for an attractive exterior:

  • Clean up the sidewalk, yard, porch, driveway, and entrance to make sure no paper or debris are left out.

  • Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, and pull the weeds.

  • Make sure the property is well lit and easy to locate from the street. One option is to replace the porch bulbs and add a light with a sensor detector that automatically activates when someone approaches the house.

  • Wipe all the windows clean.

  • Put out a beautiful welcome mat or add other decorative touches.

  • Add plants that can be strategically placed.

  • Make sure the doorbell works.

  • Paint the exterior of the house if it looks aged.