How Do I Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Home Loan?

In order to receive pre-approval for a mortgage, you should consider doing the following:

  • Improve Your Financial Condition. Pre-approval for a mortgage is based on several financial factors. Below are some ways to get the best mortgage terms:

    • Resolve issues or negative items on your credit report.

    • Ensure you have a reliable income.

    • Pay off loans, credit cards, or lines of credit.

    • Ensure and provide proof that you have enough savings for a down payment.

  • Conduct Research on Mortgage Lenders and Available Mortgages. Mortgage lenders may offer you different mortgage terms, benefits, and fees depending on your circumstances. You should consider seeking pre-approval from at least two or three different lenders so you can compare their offers. You should also take time to look into the different types of mortgage loans that is the best choice for you. Lenders and mortgage brokers can help you determine which type may work best for you, but knowing what you are interested in ahead of time will help you to compare offers and to select the right lender.

  • Plan Your Timeline. Before you start the application process, make sure you're not moving too quickly on a mortgage application before you’re ready. Pre-approval letters often expire after 60 to 90 days. Having a real estate agent and being prepared will facilitate the home buying process.

  • Gather the Necessary Financial Documents. A lender normally issues a list of the documents required for evaluating a borrower's financial standing and capacity to repay the loan. Have these documents ready before you apply to save time.

  • Apply for Pre-Approval. The forms and processes of pre-approval are relatively straightforward, though these forms may differ slightly between lenders. Once you have submitted the required documents, you should hear back regarding pre-approval (or rejection) in a few days. To improve your chances of getting pre-approval and to better understand the requirements, you should consider speaking with experienced borrowers.

  • Maintain Stable Finances. A lender is more likely to grant pre-approval to a potential borrower who has stable finances. Therefore, you should avoid large changes in income before securing your mortgage.

Tellus TIP:

The financial standing of an applicant is a crucial factor for obtaining pre-approval. You should try to keep your financial standing secure and avoid uncertainty while also working to increase your credit scores.