Is Refinancing Available for FHA, VA, Jumbo, or USDA Loans?

Yes. Refinancing is available for all of these types of loans. For example, you can refinance your FHA loan without a minimum credit score, and still potentially gain benefits and save money by doing so.

Qualifying borrowers can apply for a VA refinancing program, known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), which also does not require a minimum credit score.

The USDA has a similar program which does not even require a credit score report.

Jumbo loans also can be refinanced, but under different circumstances than the government-backed loan programs. Jumbo loans generally require a higher credit score, including a minimum score of 660, as well as a minimum DTI rate of 43%. The overall requirements for refinancing a jumbo loan are generally higher than for conforming loans with comparable rates.

Tellus TIP:

Note that you can also refinance these loans into conventional loans, though the rates and loan terms available in each case will vary.