Does the Tenancy Agreement Include Anyone Besides the Tenant?

Yes. When the tenant enters into a lease agreement for residential premises, they are allowed to reside with their immediate family, provided that they or their spouse occupies the premises as their primary residence.

Under U.S. law, the term "immediate family" commonly refers to a person’s spouse, parents, children, and siblings. Generally, stepchildren and adopted children are included in this term as well.

Please note that some State laws go even further, allowing for an additional occupant other than the immediate family members of the tenant to legally live on your property. Likewise, the dependent children of the occupant are also allowed to move in.

If you have more than one tenant signing the agreement, this right allows for the occupancy of both the tenants’ family members and additional occupants.

Tellus TIP:

Before signing the lease agreement, try to figure out how many immediate family members will also occupy your premises.