What Are Some Common Neighbor Disputes?

Unless your rental property covers hundreds of acres of land, you and your tenant will have to deal with neighbors at some point. In most cases, neighbors are not family members or friends, and they may come from different backgrounds. Often, these differences in lifestyle, socioeconomic level, beliefs, and other factors may lead to neighbor disputes.

Neighbor disputes usually relate to the following issues:

  • Noise. Whether it be from raucous late-night parties or incompatible sleep schedules.

  • Pet ownership. Almost one-third of neighbor disputes are caused by issues related to pet ownership. This issue usually arises from the homeowner's failure to properly handle or train their animals.

  • Children. Whether they are running on your property, being loud, or defacing the neighborhood, physical damage from a child’s bad behavior can often mean their parents are liable in the eyes of the law.

  • Physical appearance of the household. A visual nuisance in the front or back yards, your home’s disheveled aesthetic, and overflowing trashcans also cause many neighbor disputes. This can also include unkempt lawns, offensive signs or flags, and overdue holiday decorations.

  • Suspected criminal behavior. It is not uncommon to see residents get into arguments with each other because one suspects the other is engaged in criminal activities.

  • Parking. Thankfully, most communities are built to offer a parking spot for residents and visitors. However, while the number of spaces might not be the concern, the distance from your home or common areas, as well as the time spent in a spot, could cause some arguments.