Is It Possible to Owe No Tax for a Particular Period?

Yes. It is not uncommon for many landlords to not be required to pay any taxes on their rental income after subtracting all their deductions from their effective gross rental income.

Normally, this situation occurs when, after many deductions, they end up with a net loss. That situation is especially common when landlords have not had time to raise the rent much in the early years of owning rental property. Furthermore, even if the rental income is more than the expenses to be paid every month, landlords still will not be able to make ends meet because of tax.

However, having a tax loss on rental property is not necessarily a bad situation. In fact, there are some advantages to tax losses. For example, it may enable you to have a tax deduction from other income you have earned during the year, such as salary income from a job or income from other investments. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that a landlord’s ability to deduct rental losses from non-rental income also has some significant restrictions. Many small landlords can avoid some, but usually not all of them.