Where Can I Find My Delinquency or Loan Default Information?

You can find a detailed explanation of your delinquency status in the periodic statement provided by your servicer, usually on the first page of the statement or in a separate page or letter.

Your delinquency information in your periodic statement includes:

  • The length of your delinquency, as of the date of the periodic statement

    • Remember that a borrower is delinquent on their loan obligation from the beginning of the date of a periodic payment until such periodic payment ceases to be unpaid.
  • A notification of possible risks (foreclosure) and expenses (penalty fees)

  • Your account history, which must include the amount remaining past due from each billing cycle

  • A notice regarding any loss mitigation program you have agreed to, if applicable

  • A notice that your servicer has made the first notice required to start a foreclosure procedure, if applicable

  • The total outstanding due amount

  • A reference to a homeownership counselor