Should You Get to Know the Neighbors Before Renting Your Property?

If you happen to be strolling around the community, we recommend taking the time to introduce yourself to neighbors in the surrounding properties because some of your neighbors may be concerned about your house becoming a rental. Consider that in some people’s mind, renters are more likely to take worse care of a property than the homeowner would. You should reassure your neighbors that you will try your best to find ideal tenants and endeavor to supervise the property regularly. In some cases, it may take quite some time before you can make your neighbors feel comfortable.

On the other hand, remember that your neighbors will be living right next to your tenants every day throughout the tenancy. If you get your neighbors on board with your rental business and become friends with your neighbors before you rent out your property, you can likely rely on them to help keep an eye on your property. They can give you important information on the condition of your property, and may even be able of help out in case of an emergency.

Tellus TIP:

We recommend you make your neighbors feel comfortable about you renting out your property and maintain a good relationship with them.