Should You Note the Furniture Condition Before Renting?

Yes. Whatever you decide in terms of furnishings, it’s imperative to take notes on the condition of the furniture. That way, by the time your tenants move out, you will have a benchmark for the furniture’s condition and will be able to tell whether or not your tenant damaged your furniture. This makes the move-in report especially important. Before the tenant moves in, it is strongly advised that both you and your tenant walk through the property together and take notes on which items you provided and what condition they were in.

Tellus TIP:

If conditions permit, we recommend taking photos of the furniture before your renter moves in, so you can use them for record keeping and reference.

Keep in mind that the furniture you supply will wear out due to general use. You should also be aware that tracking your furniture will become difficult over time. Many long-term leases last for years. If your lease agreement stipulates, for example, that you provided "a table and four chairs", and you do not have photos of said table and chairs, you may not be able to recall what the original furniture looks like at the end of the lease.

Tellus TIP:

Remember, if you change your mind about the furniture you currently have in your rental, you can donate the unwanted furniture to local charities. Many local charities will come to your property to pick up your furniture free of charge. You can also record this as a donation and file a tax deduction. If you are not able to find these kinds of local charities, call your local waste and recycling center to see if they offer free cleaning or bulk item removal.