Does Liability Coverage Have a Maximum Amount?

Liability insurance plans are aimed at reducing your liability to pay for judgements and lawsuit settlements. In some states, the liability insurance will also cover the lawsuit defending cost. The liability insurance plan always has a maximum limit. In some states, the lawsuit defending fee will be included in the maximum limit. The insurance plans usually cover the damage cost of the most common risks. For example, when the tenant falls down the stairs because of the defects of the stairs, the liability insurance plan will cover the damages suffered by the tenant. The liability policy usually sets the maximum limit for each accident and also the total maximum limit for the whole insurance year. For example, your liability insurance contract may state that you will be paid $10,000 for each accident and or $50,000 for the whole insurance year. Depending on your property, we recommend buying more coverage, especially if your property is located in an area where there is a high probability of personal injuries.