Is a Move-in Inspection Required?

It depends on your state. Some states require a move-in inspection with an accompanying checklist in order to collect a security deposit. However, even if your state has no such requirements, conducting a move-in inspection is still a good idea.

The move-in inspection is a chance for you to go through the unit with your tenant and take note of the condition of the property before your tenant moves in. It’s best if you can take time-stamped pictures and store them in app like Tellus so that all parties have proof for the unit’s condition.

Conducting a move-in inspection is mutually beneficial for you and your tenant. These inspections are important for landlords to see the record the property’s condition before the tenant moves in. This way, you have a base point against which you can compare the property when the tenant moves out and charge any damages to the security deposit. These inspections are beneficial for tenants, because any pre-existing damage can be noted on the checklist and not taken out of their deposit.