Should You Do a Walkthrough of the Rental Unit With Your New Tenant?

Yes. A walkthrough is a chance for you to show your tenants specific features of the property and give them all the relevant information they need to know before they start living there. This includes things like how to adjust the thermostat, how to lock the doors and windows, how to use the appliances, where the circuit breaker box is located, and where the garbage goes. Show your tenant where to park, where to collect mail, and how to use other amenities that may be included with your unit.

While some of this information may seem obvious, it’s still helpful to give tenants an introduction to your property in the form of a walkthrough. For some tenants, it may be their first time living on their own. You also never know if your appliances work differently from others that a tenant has experience using.

Tellus TIP:

When in doubt, spell it out. It’s better to state the obvious when a tenant moves in rather than leave out critical information.