Should You Prepare a Welcome Letter for Your New Tenant?

While it doesn’t entirely replace a walkthrough, a welcome letter can be a great guide and starting point for your new tenant once they move into your unit.

The welcome letter is where you can remind tenants of the neighborhood rules and give them some key information. For example, if your state is experiencing a severe drought and water rationing, the regulations can be covered in the welcome letter. You can also remind tenants how to request maintenance or give them the number you would like them to call in an emergency.

Some landlords take extra steps to make the tenant feel welcome by orienting them in their new neighborhood. They may include coupons to a nearby restaurant, recommendations of things to see and do, or the steps they need to take to set up their Internet or cable TV. Think about what you would like to know if you just moved to the area, and include it in the welcome letter.