How Do You Avoid Major Move-Out Pitfalls?

Some major pitfalls include extra wear and tear, property left behind, disturbances, and overflowing trash receptacles. As discussed below, a good move-out letter will help minimize some of these problems.

It’s natural for landlords to feel more concerned about the wear and tear on the property during move-out, since tenants who are leaving may not care as much about the condition of the property. Moving heavy furniture is also likely to put dents in the walls or scuffs on the floor. If the tenants move out on a rainy day, entering and exiting the unit dozens of times will damage the carpet.

Tellus TIP:

Sometimes if you are present when the tenant moves out, the situation will be very different. For example, if a professional delivery person moves in objects, you can be there to assist with the registration process, especially if the non-professionals are running the move-out.