What Should You Write in the Move-Out Letter?

Your lease or rental agreement should specify the reasons you can make deductions from the security deposit, such as unpaid rent or damages beyond normal wear and tear. You should also specify when you will send any deposit refunds that are due as well as any cleaning expectations you have before move-out. For example, you can require the unit to be as clean as when the tenancy began. The more detailed the move-out letter, the better. You can also provide tenants with a checklist detailing specific requirements— such as cleaning the air conditioner. You can also remind tenants of quiet hours and to be watchful about damage or debris.

Tellus TIP:

Almost all tenants have more things than they can or will move, so we recommend specifying in the move-out letter that tenants disposing of items means that they should take all items out of the house. Tenants must not place items in front of the house, behind or on the side of the unit. Your letter should include specific tips to help tenants dispose of all types of items.

Finally, make sure that you have reminded the tenants to return all keys and the address where you will send the refunded portion of their deposit in your move-out letter.

Start early and remind tenants often about the main issues in the move-out process. Check as many times as possible during the tenant's move-out to see how things are going. This is important because it not only lets you know when you can advertise your property, but also ensures tenants will not damage the unit or leave items behind in a rush to move out.

Tellus TIP:

If you own a multi-unit property, it’s best to inform the other tenants of the move-out so they can know what to expect.