Should You Prepare a Move-Out Letter?

In order to avoid pitfalls such as damage or abandonment of property, we recommend giving the tenant move-out guidelines. In addition, you should let them start the move-out process as soon as possible, instead of enabling them to rush away at the last minute. In general, good and understanding tenants will inform you in advance of when they will move, while others may not give you much notice, even with a clear date or deadline.

Whenever a tenant notifies you, we recommend you send a move-out letter which covers your checkout, walkthrough, and inspection procedures. Set a tentative date for the inspections and walkthrough as soon as possible after the tenant notify you of their departure. Furthermore, make sure your tenant knows to expect an inspection for damage after the move-out as well.

Tellus TIP:

In some states, the law requires a pre-move-out inspection or that the tenant be present at the inspection.