What Are Some General Ways to End a Tenancy Agreement?

When a lease expires, a tenant may move on to a different property, or you may choose not to renew the lease. In other cases, either you or the tenant may end the tenancy prematurely.

States vary as to the amount and type of notice landlords and tenants must provide in order to end a tenancy. Most states require 30 days’ notice to end a monthly rental agreement. A lease will have a fixed term, such as one year, which means neither you nor the tenant may have the right to end the lease early unilaterally except for a breach of the agreement by either party. States also have specific laws and procedures for returning security deposits. You may have between 14 and 60 days after the tenant leaves to return the deposit, along with an itemized list of deductions you took before returning the remainder. This could be to fix damage outside of ordinary "wear and tear" or to make up for the tenant’s failure to pay rent.