Should You Purchase Insurance Policies for Your Rentals?

Purchasing insurance is a great way to protect both yourself and your investment. As you research different options, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Some landlords may choose the wrong coverage. For example, if you want to rent out your own home after moving away, you may be tempted to buy the same type of insurance policy. However, if a claim arose and the insurance adjustor discovered the property was a non-owner-occupied property that may be considered a higher risk, it’s likely the insurer will deny coverage.

Tellus TIP:

Make sure the insurance broker knows what property you are renting and that you get appropriate coverage.

Given there are at least half a dozen major insurers offer a landlord’s policy or some equivalent, make sure you have this kind of policy for your rental property. Pay attention to additional policy features like liability, dwelling replacement, and wrongful eviction coverage. Also, check whether or not any property managers you employ are covered under this policy.