Am I Liable for the Loan Once Confirmed as a Successor in Interest?

No. To be confirmed as a successor in interest does not mean you are automatically liable on another person's mortgage loan obligation.

Sometimes servicing companies communicate with a confirmed successor in interest using terms such as "your loan," causing confusion about the legal status of a confirmed successor in interest regarding the mortgage loan. Servicing companies sometimes add an affirmative disclosure clause whereby they inform successors in interest that they do not have any personal liability or have assumed the mortgage loan obligation until they confirm the assumption of the loan.

Another common way for servicers to inform a confirmed successor in interest about their legal status in relation to the mortgage loan is by sending an acknowledgement form. Once a successor in interest effectively returns and confirms the acknowledgement form, then they legally assume a third person's mortgage loan obligation. Servicing companies must clearly explain that a confirmed successor in interest is not liable for the mortgage debt as long as they do not assume the loan.