Are There Any Rules Regarding Written Communication with Servicing Companies?

Yes. Federal laws regulate two important issues related to written communications with servicing companies: (1) information requests, and (2) error resolution.

As for information requests, servicers must meet certain procedural requirements when processing written information requests from their borrowers. The most important requirement is that servicers are required to acknowledge your written requests for information within a reasonable time frame (usually within 5 business days), while also providing the requested information or explaining to you why this information is unavailable within 30 to 45 days.

As for error resolution, servicers must comply with certain predefined procedures for any errors regarding the servicing of a mortgage loan. First, servicers should provide you with their specific address and contact information. Second, servicers are required to acknowledge the notice of error within 5 days upon receipt. Finally, servicers are usually required to correct and rectify the error contained in the notice, or to alternatively conduct an investigation and provide you with a written explanation as to why your error claim is not valid, within 30 to 45 days.