Can I Change My Mortgage Servicing Company?

No, a borrower is generally not allowed to change the mortgage servicing company managing that borrower's mortgage. Since it is the current loan holder that outsources the management of the loan to a servicing company, you will rarely have any input in the selection of the servicing company.

The only option you have to change your servicing company is to refinance your loan. However, this is not an advisable strategy. Refinancing a loan is not only costly and time consuming for you, but also you will not be able to select the servicing company for your new loan. You may even end up with a servicing company than is worse than your current one. In short, refinancing is not an advisable strategy for the purpose of changing loan servicing companies.

Tellus TIP:

If you have good reasons to request a change of the loan servicing company, it's better to try to negotiate with your lender or loan holder. A good starting point is to send a complaint letter to your current loan holder explaining your situation and attaching all the necessary documents for the lending company to have a better understanding of your case and why you want to switch loan servicing companies.